Triangle Strategy - Nintendo Switch Tech Review - Final Fantasy Tactics for the New Generation?

The classic strategy RPG design of Final Fantasy Tactics - and Tactics Ogre - meets new technology in Triangle Strategy. It’s an exclusive for Switch, coming from key members of the team behind Octopath Traveler with a similar end result in its visuals. Unreal Engine 4 adds key effects like depth of field not possible in previous generations - and once more Switch’s huge RPG catalogue expands with a quality release.

• Uses UE4 as did octopath traveler and bravely default
• The tilt shift look returns
• Unfiltered textures to match the pixel art
• Sprites cast shadows
• Atmospheric effects like clouds casting shadows and god rays
• Cloth sims on some objects like flags
• Realistic refracting water
• In battle, resolution is 720P to 900P at 30FPS
• In menus, resolution is 1080P
• Handheld: 600P to 720P
• Near locked 30FPS, very rare frame time spikes
• After big attacks, framerate can dip a bit
• Way more stable than octopath traveler

Otra cosa no, pero el juego es muy bonito, a ver si sale en pc

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