Sony está contratando gente para desarrollos AAA en Japón

Senior producer: シニアプロデューサー | SIE 経験者採用
Producer: プロデューサー | SIE 経験者採用
Technical producer: テクニカルプロデューサー | SIE 経験者採用


Work with the best independent game developers in Japan and Asia to find, evaluate, produce and launch external products (video games) for the best possible quality and success within time and budget. I will. It manages the development and approval process for these products, from initial concept determination or acquisition to final commercial mastering. Manage the line and guide and educate the team on production methods and internal processes. Ensuring the trust and satisfaction of external development partners while developing a comprehensive and collaborative team culture and growth mindset.

Business content

  • All aspects of new projects and existing franchises need to be effectively presented to marketing.
  • You need to understand what it takes to build and maintain good relationships with your global marketing team and build and deliver AAA titles and franchises within SIE.
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Buena noticia, creo.

Eso es imposible. Japón no existe para Sony.

Al menos que les haga caso a este sector del publico. No puede ser que sea todo occidental.

Aclarar que esto es para XDEV, esto es, exclusivos second party.

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Vale, pero que no se les ocurra hacer un AA