Restaurando la trilogía de Apu

He visto el hilo del portal de streaming de Scorsese con películas restauradas y me he acordado del caso de la trilogía de Apu.

En 1993 los negativos de la trilogía de Satyajit Ray se quemaron en un incendio en Londres y, tras un trabajo de meses, se pudieron recuperar.

The films of Satyajit Ray’s The Apu Trilogy are not only the best and most influential in Indian cinema, they stand among the greatest made anywhere, tracking a life from childhood to parenthood, through despair to triumph and maturity. Yet despite their acclaim, it’s likely cinephiles have never fully experienced them due to the depreciating audio and visual quality of these films since their release about 60 years ago. Beyond the normal wear and tear that comes with time and making prints, the films’ original negatives were housed in London’s Henderson Film Laboratories when that warehouse caught fire in 1993. Many reels were burned beyond repair, and the rest suffered heavy damage.

After a massive worldwide effort, the films have been restored to shockingly good visual quality; they probably haven’t looked this clear since their premiere, if ever.

Por si queréis echarle un ojo a los vídeos:

Corto de Kogonada:

Academy Originals:

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Dejando de lado el chiste fácil, muy interesante la historia la verdad

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Este hdlgp sigue saliendo en los Simpson o al final por ser hindú lo quitaron??

¿Así es como justificaron la cancelación del personaje en la serie?

Hasta donde yo sé, si.

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