El Ridge Racer original estaba trabajado para PC, pero Sony se negó para que fuera lanzado

PlayStation classic Ridge Racer was almost a PC game | PC Gamer

The team worked hard to get Ridge Racer running on PC, upscaling the low-resolution textures and adding PC-specific graphics and control options. But otherwise this was a faithful replica of the PlayStation game—which is exactly what Psygnosis wanted. Ridge Racer had been out for a while at this point, and it wanted the PC version to be as authentic as possible.

Sadly, it never made it to the finish line. It seems Sony, despite allowing PC ports of Destruction Derby and WipEout, wanted to keep some of its flagship games to itself. You can emulate the PlayStation and arcade originals perfectly on PC nowadays, so it’s no great loss. But it would’ve been cool to see this smoother, sharper PC version of Ridge Racer in action.

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La Sony que ilusionaba hace 25 años.

Igual hoy está en PC… emulado.

otra perla mas para el collar de bastardeos que ha sufrido el PC

Reputísima Sony.

Grande Sony, exclusivos de verdad o nada