Dos clientes insatisfechas con una hamburguesa le pegan un tiro en la cara al encargado

Sisters allegedly shot fast food worker over $3 burger dispute

Anthony Rodriguez was the only server working at midnight that day, when the twin sisters grew angry about their order, and shot the father of one in the face.

Sisters allegedly shot fast food worker over $3 burger dispute

Hannah Nightingale
Hannah NightingaleWashington DC

February 23, 2022 4:34 PM2 Mins Reading

A Wisconsin father says he’s lucky to be alive after he was shot in the face late last month when a pair of customers, twin sisters aged 20, became angry about a missing $3 burger from their order.

According to WISN, 26-year-old Anthony Rodriguez was working at the George Webb restaurant in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, when on January 30, the shooting occurred.

Rodriguez was the only server working at midnight that day, when the twin sisters grew angry about their order, and shot the father of one in the face.

20-year-old twin sisters Bryanna and Brent Johnson were allegedly “impatient and rude” while waiting for their order, and grew irate when they found an item to be missing from their order, according to the Daily Mail.

One of the sisters walked outside, and returned with a pistol. The two proceeded to attack Rodriguez and stomp on his face, shooting him while he was down.

“I was in so much shock I don’t remember being in much pain, but I remember kind of internally freaking out and being very scared just telling myself, ‘Wow, I’m probably gonna die here,’” Rodriguez told WISN.

The sisters were tracked down and arrested by Wisconsin police, and are facing attempted homicide charges for the attack. They are being held on $100,000 bail.

“The bullet went through my upper lip and took out my upper teeth and cracked my bottom teeth, so those will have to be replaced,” Rodriguez told WISN two weeks after the attack, wearing a neck brace to stabilize a part of his spine fractured by the bullet.

“There’s still big fragments in my throat from the bullet,” Rodriguez said, who has reportedly not yet returned to work. His friends have started a GoFundMe to help cover hospital costs and help the single dad with his three-year-old son.

“This week he was able to start talking more, which - although a struggle at times - was a big step,” an update to the fundraising page reads.

“He was able to attend roll call at the Wauwatosa police department this week and brought a few snacks as a way of saying ‘Thank you’ for saving his life and catching the people responsible for this horrific incident.”

“The scans revealed how much damage was done to the inside of his mouth. There is a possibility he will need a bone graft for the upper right mandible (jawbone) and the sheer force of the gunshot even cracked teeth on the other side of his mouth,” it continued. “The scans also show how close the bullet came to his spine and what an absolute miracle it is that he is alive and not paralyzed.”

The GoFundME has currently raised just over $56,000 to help Rodriguez.

“I never expected to get shot being a server,” Rodriguez told WISN. “It’s amazing I’m able to walk. It’s amazing I’m able to speak.”

Por suerte el hombre sobrevivió y no dejó huérfano a su hijo.

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Algo haría el blancucho ese.

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Con mas cadenas de KFC por el pais no hubiera pasado esta desgracia

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A la hamburguesa de 3 dólares le faltaba, presuntamente, un ítem.

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Algo que me escama de esta noticia a parte de lo crueles que fueron las gemelas es que si no tienes dinero y te ocurre algo así, ¿te dejan sin tratamiento médico en ese país?

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Hay un patrón de conducta ahí.


Violencia contra nuestros hermanos hispanos.

Alguna vez me han dado ganas de hacer lo mismo con algún camarero gilipollas.
Suerte que no tengo armas ni tendencias homicidas, que si no…

¿Y pretendian que lo dropeara el Dungeon Boss?

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No, pero luego te pasan la factura y te endeudas.

Allí en vez de sanidad social pagada obligatoriamente, hay seguros privados opcionales.

Me parece un error porque la gente sólo piensa en pan para hoy y luego pasan hambre mañana. Mucha gente prefiere
“ahorrarse” el seguro de salud.

Y no es un tema de clase social. Conozco a un empresario que no lo contrata.

Parece que piensan que el día que pase algo pagan la factura y a la larga ahorran.

Black lives matter

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PD: @Kirk

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Lógico, se había pedido esto

Y le pusieron una mierdecilla de hamburguesa.

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Los seguros de salud cubrirán tiroteos?

Lo dudo, se arruinan en media hora las compañías de seguros.

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Anda que la tía que ha escrito la noticia tiene el ego pequeño. Es casi más grande su foto que el texto que ha redactado.

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El pepinillo

Ahora a comer hamburguesas de la cárcel.

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Solo con ver el título del hilo ya iba entrando sabiendo que me iba a ver la foto de dos negratas.

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