Discuto en YT contra un nacionalista portugues, xenofobo contra España y necesito a Pacotes, pls

Estaba viendo un vídeo de YT sobre uno de misa canales favoritos de historia, al tratarse de Portugal atrajo a muchas moscas de estas, y estoy en una batalla dialéctica de esas y necesito la ayuda de mis colegas españoles, que tanto por la patria pero después en internet nadie argumenta.

El tipo contra quién discuto se llama en YT, Plo Koon, nuestro debate se encuentra bajo el comentario de Moorishma, con decenas de reply ya, necesito que me apoyeis con vuestra cuentas de YT, de mucha ayuda si le respondeis al pesado portugues que no para de mentir sobre España y lo “grande” que era Portugal antes del dominio español, cuento con pacotes por dios, ahí abajo os dejo el vídeo y unos comentarios suyos.

Con que al menos me deis argumentos contra el, y lo posteais aqui yo podré postearlo en los comentarios cuando el me responda de nuevo, gracias!!!


Do not speak of what you do not know. I believe I know the history of my country better than you. You seem to be horribly biased for Spain. During Spanish rule Portugal lost many of its best ships when king Philip sent many Portuguese ships in his Armada against England, the Spanish kings would send Portuguese soldiers to fight and die in Spain’s endless wars in Europe while leaving the Portuguese colonies underprotected which the Dutch and the English took advantadge of to take some Portuguese colonies, at some point the Dutch even conquered parts of Brazil for a while, and Philip IV of Spain treated the Portuguese people like shit, he apointed a puppet governor that heavily and unjustly taxed the Portuguese people to fund Spain’s wars in Europe, the people hated that governor and saw him as a traitor. Protests and uprisings against those taxes were put down brutally. The common folk in Portugal really despised the Habsburgs. And in the end Philip IV and his minister tried to further take away Portugal’s autonomy. So when I say that the Union of the Crowns only brought misery and death to Portugal I am telling the truth, the Union of the Crowns really hurted Portugal that benefited nothing from that. Philip II to his credit did mostly respect Portugal’s laws and costums but Philip IV broke his grandfather’s promises to Portugal. The common people hated Spanish rule from the beggining, many even dreamed of King Sebastian coming back from Morocco to quick the Spanish out, the Spanish only held on to Portugal for 60 years because they managed to keep the nobles in line, but then the nobles too rebelled in 1640 and Portugal became free again.

the only liar and nationalist here is you Spaniard, Portuguese fought and died for Spain in Flanders and other theatres of war, the commander of the Spanish army at the battle of Rocroi was even a Portuguese noble. And I believe I know my countrymen better than a foreigner, most people in Portugal look at the Philipine dinasty as the darkest moment in Portuguese history, the Napolionic wars lasted a couple of years in Portugal while Spain’s ocupation lasted 60 YEARS. And even in the Napoleonic wars the Spanish betrayed the Portuguese and allowed the French to pass though and even helped them atack and pillage Portugal amd then your French buddies betrayed you because they thought your king was too incompetent to be a reliable ally. How dare you to pretend that the Portuguese people didn’t suffer under Spanish rule? Overdramatizing? The Portuguese Empire was a mere shadow of its former self at the end of Spanish rule. And Portugal didn’ t just lose " a couple of islands" Portugal lost its most profitable colonies in Africa, huge parts of Brazil and important trading centers in the East( after the Restoration some if those territories were recovered) the fact that you speak the way you speak about Portugal’s losses shows that you know nothing how the Portuguese Empire worked. Those wars were not in Portugal’s interest, before the loss of independence Portugal was at peace and trading with everyone in Europe, Lisbon was the trading center of the world. After that Portuguese soldiers were dying for Spain’s ambitions colonies were being atacked and lost. Oh really those wars weren’t for Spain? They were to defend Spain’s interests in the Holy Roman Empire im Flanders and their Austrian Habsburg cousins. Spain also drained Portugal’s wealth to fund the Thirty Years Wars and Philip IV was specially cruel towards the Portuguese. He named spaniards to administrative positions in Portugal and gave a lot of power in Portugal to a Portuguese traitor called Miguel Vasconcelos and under Philip IV’s orders he exploited the Portuguese people to the bone with outright abusive taxes to pay for Spain’s war effort, on top of that Philip IV tried to turn Portugal into a Spanisb province and take away Portugal’s rights. You vastly understate the imense damage that Spanish rule did to Portugal and its Empire and then shrug it off pretending it was the Portuguese complaining about nothing. The Iberian Union was disastrous to Portugal.

If anyone is telling lies here is you. Lisbon overthrew Venice as the world trade center when the Portuguese took over the spice trade. Before Portugal took control of it spices were extremely expensive because there were many middlemen which means that before the spices reached Constantinople they were bought and sold between many merchants which increased the price, then the Venetians who had a deal with the Byzantines and after the Fall of Constantinople made a deal with the Ottomans to continue to trade there, after that Venice would sell the spices to the rest of Europe at a very high price. Portugal changed that because after we took the spice trade the spices would be sailed directly to Lisbon which means Portugal was the onlt middleman and spices in Lisbon were much cheaper than in Venice or Constantinople which causer the decline of Venice as a trading power. The Portuguese takeover of the spice trade and the Spanish discovery of the Americas made the Mediterranian far less important than what it once was in terms of trade. And spices weren’t the only reason for Lisbon to become the world trading center, gold, ivory and slaves from Africa, silks from China, Brazil wood, pearls from the Molucas, horses from Persia and other things. And we Portuguese see the 60 years of Spanish ocupation as the darkest chapter in our history, I lived my whole my life in Portugal I know how my countrymen feel, we have a national holiday celebrating the Restoration of Independence but we don’t have a holiday celebrating Napoleon’s demise. And even But you are so arrogant to think you can speak for us Portuguese about our perception of our own history. And yes when a foreign nation conquers you by force and then causes the decline of your country and empire, makes you lose land, allies and treats the Portuguese people like shit, forces Portuguese soldiers to die for its ambitions well then I would say Portugal is the victim in this situation. And I simply mentioned facts it’s not about making points the truth is the truth. And Portugal never lost its independence to France, our king managed to escape snd establish the court in Brazil so we were still independent. Plus the French didn’t manage to stay much time in Portugal so it didn’t leave as big of a scar in the Portuguese people’s mindset and conscience as 60 years of Spanish rule did.

Y tú quien eres.

Quimera298 ahí en YT.

esto es un poco triste.

Sabes perfectamente que a un subser de internet nunca jamás le vas a convencer. Sobretodo se ve fácil si las cosas que dice son obviamente falsas y fácilmente contrastables. Por tanto, puedes seguir perdiendo el tiempo hablando con un tipo al que nadie más que tu haces caso (cosa que sepas que a él le encanta) o puedes quedarte aquí en pacotes y ayudarme a hacerme una paja. Tu decides.

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lo último suena bien gracias, pero ese racista no se va a salir con la suya si ustedes me ayudáis.

Lucha tus propias batallas, so mierda.

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¿Pero este tema va en serio?

Como estan las cabezas…

Discutir con un portugués es muy triste.

Dile algo de las toallas y zanjas la disputa.

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son las de España contra un portuñol, hijo de la gran…

ponme un ejemplo por fa

Dile a la mamá que se afeite el bigote.

o sea que insulta a España el portugues y ustedes tan tranquilos, muy coherentes todos.

tiene que ser un argumento de verdad, no puedo insultarle sino le doy la razón y eso sería peor.

Un tio random insulta a España en YT. Vayamos sacando los tanques, no te jode.

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No, te estoy diciendo que se lo digas a tu madre.

¿Hacéis batallas de cabestros por YT y todo? Creía que os limitabais a foros de política.

Los argumentos estarían bien de primera mano, ya los tanques los sacaremos cuando invadamos Portugal.

Si tienes que venir a pedir ayuda para tamaña discusión pues oye el luso muerdetoallas merece ganar.

Dile a Sanchez que mande los Typhoon, que Portugal solo tiene unos pocos F-16 contados versión año de la polca. Si le quieres motivar dile que puede verlo todo en primera persona desde el Falcon de guerra electrónica.

Estuvimos unidos en la reconquista, eramos parte del movimiento cristiano, simplemente luego fueron por su lado.

Su expansión a América consistió básicamente en Brasil.

La disputa territorial americana la zanjó el papa.

no quisiera que se tratara de política el foro sino en una de recreación histórica